The Stanley Street Quarter: Bars/Clubs in Liverpool�s Gay Quarter

The Stanley Street Quarter: Bars/Clubs in Liverpool�s Gay Quarter

As the location of Britain�s first simply official gay quarter, the only real LGBT combined arts organisation from the North of England, then one of Europe�s largest free Gay Pride festivals, life in modern Liverpool allows more liberties for gays and lesbians laptop or computer ever did. The last few years have seen vast strides in raising the profile of Liverpool�s LGBT community.


Liverpool City Council made the decision to officially recognise the Stanley Street district as Liverpool�s official gay quarter and posted the spot with street signs embellished using the rainbow flag, so that it is the first UK city to mark a gay quarter this way. Liverpool was often charged with lagging behind and never providing adequate provisions for its diverse communities. Mersey Marauders, Liverpool�s own gay football team premiered later in 2005.

The �Stanley Street Quarter� (sometimes Liverpool Gay Quarter or Village) is definitely an area inside the historic downtown of Liverpool City Centre, England. It really is composed of residential blocks, hotels, bars, nightclubs and other businesses, most of which cater for the LGBT community. The neighbourhood also includes Stanley Street, Davies Street, Cumberland Street, Sir Thomas Street, Dale Street, Temple Street & Lane, Victoria Street, Hackins Hey, Leather Lane and Eberle Street. Stanley Street has often been considered the symbolic heart of the gay quarter and is where a great number of the bars are found. The quarter can also be one of several sites the place that the annual Liverpool Pride takes place.


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